How To Apply

How to apply

Registrations for September 2022 are closed, there is no accommodation available, thank you for not contacting us for the time being.

If you are interested in renting a room, or a studio apartment in the Student Village, you must be a registered student, or have confirmation that you have been accepted.

You can apply using our interactive floorplan and browse through the floors of the building, leading you to information about individual rooms and apartments. When you click on a room it will open a factsheet about the room, as well as a link to directly request to rent this room. If you have a user profile and are logged in you will also be able to view user profile information of rooms already taken.

If you want to apply as a group we recommend you each fill out the application form, leaving a note under comments of the name of your group and the apartment room each person would like.

There is no waiting list.

Apply online Rental contract (pdf)

Registration for September 2022 is closed, we have no more accommodation available, please do not contact us any more for the time being.